Great Things Are Happening at Google Education!

So, with the 2016 ISTE Conference now over, there are a lot of interesting new developments in the Google Ecosystem to talk about at Chromecamp!

Check out: Updates from ISTE: 4 new tools to help teachers do what they do best for the full scoop but know this – we now have Google Expeditions for everyone, Google Cast to allow teachers to effortlessly share screens, Google Forms now has built-in quizzes (click here for a comparison of this feature with the venerable Flubaroo plugin) and there are several new apps for creative content making on Chromebooks.

Here’s the bottom line, folks: Chromecamp is your best, FREE opportunity this summer to learn about Google tools, the Chrome browser and OS, Chrome devices, and everything else Chrome related! If you haven’t registered yet, do it now! Remember, it’s FREE, we feed you breakfast AND lunch, and you can even win cool prizes!