Chromecamp will be brought to you to by these fabulous folks, most of whom came from the utterly fantastic Padcamp organizing team:

  • Doug Harvey | Stockton University| | @dharvey34
  • Kevin Jarrett | Northfield Community School (chair) | | @kjarrett
  • Kim Mattina| William Davies Middle School | | @The_Tech_Lady
  • Frank Pileiro | Linwood Schools | | @FrankPileiro
  • Scott Sarraiocco | Absecon Schools | | @sarraiocco
  • Glen Stewart | Upper Township Schools | | @glenstewart
  • Mike Sweeder | Egg Harbor Township Schools | | @sweederm
  • Tim Teehan | Somerville Schools | | @teehant

2 thoughts on “Organizers

  1. Natalie Perez

    Hi! I plan on attending from waaaay up in Sussex County. Not ever having been to an edcamp or chromecamp, I already know this is something that I would love to bring to northern NJ. I would love to know what goes into organizing such an event.

    See you Wednesday!!

    1. Kevin Jarrett Post author

      Hi Natalie! We will be happy to give you an overview of the process! We might even run a session on how to host an Edcamp – I’ve done sessions like that myself! See you next week!


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